06-09-2014 . Left a big impression,  by Soma VIEW REVIEW
Harmoniq Pro gaming headset was delivered at my door steps under 3 days on Amazon's standard shipping. I expected this to be delivered some more days (since I don't currently have Amazon Prime now) so that was a happy surprise. The headset was encased with a quality box. contained the product manual, a disc for installing the drivers and Sentey's product catalog. A travel case along with some spare ear cushions was also included with the headset which is a great product bonus.

Now, for the actual product it works as it is intended and described. It truly is a 5.1 (6 channel) surround sound audio output plug and play device. I am currently using linux so I assumed the product's disc wouldn't work under this OS. So I just plug the device and opened up PulseAudio (Volume Control) and picked the profiles that match with this product (Analog Surround 5.1 Output + Analog Stereo Input or Digital Stereo). All within a 5 mins of opening and receiving the box. Sound came through the headset and so I began testing the thing...

I tested different sound ranges on each speaker to differentiate each among the others and I have confirmed that it really is not an emulated sound. I have done this since the descriptions on this product page is so riveting that I just have to check it again. After the necessary checks that I've personally done, I've finally settled down to watch some of my blu-ray films as well as play some competitive games on steam with mumble on testing this excellent mic feed that I'm really noticing for some time now. This is my 4th consecutive day of my "gaming session" since I just recently had a break from work. And I hardly have anytime for any other stuff. So I write this review to show show really impressed I am for this product. I mostly likely will be looking out for more products from Sentey because of this experience as well as planning to buy the Crimson / Cobalt Pro Keyboard and see how it compares to my Corsair K70.
06-09-2014 . I am not a computer geek.  by Don N VIEW REVIEW
What I can say is that it runs quietly, whatever tech improvements to my computer it made, don't ask. I liked the braided cable and above all the i/o switch.
06-06-2014 . Great power supply,  by Mrs.stout86 VIEW REVIEW
I bought this power supple for my desktop because my other one was going out and the money I spent on this one was well worth it and it's very quiet.
06-05-2014 . 5 stars Great headset, amazing value  by Anna Sharova VIEW REVIEW
Comfortable, well-made, looks great and works perfectly. What more can you ask? I would have loved one in all black. Better than my old Logitech headset that was three times the price. Bought two (one for me and one for my husband) and we've been happy gamers ever since. The only "hiccup" was I almost got in trouble because when he opened the packages he thought I had spent too much money - they looked far too nice for what we paid. :) Recommending these to all our friends who are casual gamers.
06-04-2014 . Revolution Pro Review  by DragonSteelMods VIEW REVIEW
The Sentey Revolution Pro is an excellent gaming mouse, it allows the gamer to adjust from 200dpi all the way up to 8200dpi and record and store custom macros into one of five profiles that you can switch to on the fly.

There is a software configuration program that comes with the Revolution Pro which you can use or not. You do not have to install the software but you’ll be limited to the default settings of the mouse and you really won’t be able to fully utilize the mouse and all of its features.

The Revolution Pro is suited for gaming or everyday use, it works fine for whatever your needs might be. It tracked flawlessly on any type of surface that I tried.
06-02-2014 . Phoenix Keyboard Review  by Modders-Inc VIEW REVIEW
I've been using this keyboard now for over a month and will continue to use it. After using other mechanical cherry switch keyboards, special feature-rich gaming keyboards, expensive high end keyboards, the Sentey Phoenix GS 5700 Gaming Keyboard works well and holds itself up to the others. The weight is excellent, it’s design allows griping by one hand more easily than any of the other 20+ keyboards I've handled. Functions and control keys are well out of the way and accidental activation’s are rare. LED lighting is flexible enough to be adjusted for practically anyone’s needs. The keys are the quietest keys I've ever used, touch and sensitivity also very good.
If you are gonna buy this keyboard, don't expect the level of feature and performance of Corsair Vengeance K70 or Razer BlackWidow Ultimate mechanical keyboard
I got this keyboard for my 9 year old son so he can play some of his pc game, he want a back lid keyboard like the one i have (i have the Mad Catz S.T.R.I.K.E.5) but a 9 year old doesn't need a super expensive keyboard, they're probably got tired of it in a few week anyway so i bough him this keyboard because it look cool and have a lot of feature that avalable on a high end gaming keyboard.
I got to try out this keyboard for a week before i give it to me son and here're the pro and con of this so call gaming keyboard after a week of testing :)
PRO: The first thing i notice is the packaging, the keyboard is very well pack so there're little chance of gamage during shipping
The second thing is this keyboard come with a lot of accessory include a pretty good looking carrying case
Also all the key are very responsive, good for typing and would serve at an entry level gaming keyboard
Other thing i want to mention is this keyboard look very cool, the 3 level of brightness actually work unlike some other
keyboard that cost the same price at this keyboard, i like to keep it at medium brightness
CON: There're a few minor issue,
The USB cable on this keyboard is not very long, i say it's about 3' maybe a bit shorter
The "pg up" key on my keyboard, need to be press hard for it to work.
Other than that, there're no other issue that i can think of

So, overall, this's a solid, good performance, good quality keyboard for the money
06-01-2014 . Great Value and Performance  by Jordan S Boev VIEW REVIEW
This product vastly exceeded my expectations. I am very surprised by the quality of not only the product, but also little things like the packaging and user manual were above my expectations. I am considering buying a couple more because this price is tough to beat and it is always good to have a backup power supply laying around.
05-31-2014 . Comfortable, quiet sound,  by D. JOO VIEW REVIEW
It has a very quiet sound which helps focusing, and very comfortable. It's beautiful. 9 macro keys, which are really helpful. Adjustable brightness's so when you play at night it's not birght enough to burn your eyes. Ghosting keys aswell. All in all I enjoy it very much 10/10 would recommend.
05-29-2014 . Revolution Pro Review  by Ozeros VIEW REVIEW
Increiblemente, no encontramos nada malo. Sentey realmente nos ha sorprendido con este mouse de categoría profesional a un precio bastante aceptable (89.99 USD, $49.990CLP aprox.) para la cantidad de prestaciones y detalles que posee. La construcción del mismo es soberbia e implacable y la comodidad en su utilización lo hacen ser una de las opciones gamer mas adecuadas para este tipo de mouses y dado el nivel de dedicación debemos decir que es uno de los mejores, por no decir el mejor, mouse que hemos revisado en bastante tiempo.

Es por esto que le otorgamos los premios de: Producto Recomendado, Rendimiento Máximo y Elección del Editor.