About Us

Founded in 2001, from Doral Florida USA, SENTEY is an international company with knowledge and experience in the IT market sector, dedicated to the creation of innovative components of high quality and performance in the IT Industry.

Our core of business are the components utilized for the construction and building of PCs, which are Award Winning; Computer Cases or Computer Chassis, Power Supply Units of Maximum Energy Efficiency, Accessories and Components for the PC Gaming industry that holds the most famous and admirable solutions for the Video Game enthusiast that enjoy overclocking their IT solutions and gamers all around the world.

The design of our products are based on four key principal fundamentals: Innovation, Quality, Performance, Client Support and Service. Our commitment is in everything we do and work for, which is to help others and help them living a better way of life.

The constant support given to our customers places SENTEY as a reliable leader manufacturer highly trustable and the perfect “Ally” for the mostly known technology distributors of IT and Communications with our products.

SENTEY has presence in the international market with an extended channel of distributors aligned to marketing strategies. Sentey commercializes its products in the entire American Continent, we have established business in more than 20 countries mostly through our channel of qualified Distributors. SENTEY counts with more than 50 professionals focusing in development and investigating all around the world, working in constant innovation and aiming for the best quality solution in the industry.

We have developed a Global Operative Infrastructure with our marketing strategies and excellent distribution channels partners, from our Headquarters located in Doral FL, USA and regional sales offices all around the world.