• Commitment to the environment

    At Sentey, we are committed to respecting the environmental as we promote technological advancement. Our daily efforts contribute to the development of better products that meet the needs of people living in a world that constantly changes.

    This line of work allows us to respond to the demands of the current generation and prepares the way for those to come.
    Our procedures and proposals are based on an environmental friendly approach, avoiding the use of technology that in a long-term may be harmful.

    We are concerned about maximizing actions that avoid promoting an unfavorable relationship between technological progress and respect for the environment. On the other hand, Sentey seeks to take advantage of the partnership between development and sustainability.

    Thus, through inspired sustainable actions, we take care of every detail of the product since manufacturing until delivery to the final consumer.

  • Blue Power Hard Line 80 Plus certified

    We also pay close attention to our products throughout their life cycle in order to avoid possible deviations which may negatively impact the environment. The goal is to reduce the amount of energy consumed by the power supplies, maximizing the benefits and contributing to an efficiency increase.

    As of today, Sentey is certified 80 Plus in the Blue Hard Power line: HBP1100-SM; HBP900-SM, HBP700-SM; HBP500-SM, Golden Steel Power line: GSP1000-SM; GSP850-SM; GSP750-SM; GSP650-SM, and Solid Power line: SDP850-SS; SDP750-SS; SDP650-SS; SDP550-SS. The certifications are given to products that are more than 80% energy efficient.