• Sentey Building Dreams

    In today's society, technology and computer products are a key part of our daily lives. They are extensions of our ties to the world. They expand our possibilities. Boundaries are crossed. Distances are cut short. We live in symbiosis with such technological artifacts. Each time more, the moments in which we are accompanied by such technological gigs increase. It's a technological revolution that creates enthusiasts, not merely users.

    Sentey projects itself as a leader in America for all technological enthusiasts. We want to be recognized as a brand of international scope, which is supported by innovation and development in order to continue providing the best solutions.

  • Mission

    Our goal is to respond to the current demands with innovation and quality, providing  high value through design and the commercialization of first class computing products. Different product lines target satisfying the needs of different users in order to obtain complete computing experience.

  • Vision

    Sentey is projected as an American leader for the technology enthusiast. We want to be known as a brand with international impact that bases its best solutions in innovative processes and a strong and conscious development. Not only with individual components, based in the philosophy 'Do it yourself ', but also providing answers to the merging tendencies such as customized performance.

    At Sentey our daily work is focused on obtaining a global computing experience.

    The second decade of this millennium will see the reinforcement of Sentey as a premium brand. At this time, we will renew our commitment  with innovation and we will open the doors to new product development inspired in passion for technological progress. This will be the perfect time for the continental expansion and the conquest of the world.

  • Inspiration

    We are inspiration by four concepts:

    We generate content and experiences surrounding our products. We think about each detail that compose a product, bit also the product as a whole.

    We are a premium brand. Thus, we would like for our product to go beyond our clients' expectations, performing in better quality and available at the best price.

    We offer an efficient product that guarantees a great level of performance.

    We make sure that every detail is taken care of since manufacturing until delivery to the final consumer.

  • Corporative Culture

    The work environment at  Sentey reflects its philosophy. Coherence is really important for us. We are based on the following premise:  talented human capital inspires new ideas which in turn motivates our brand's growth.

    For this reason, we encourage the active participation of co-workers in our projects, creating an auspicious atmosphere for them to embrace ownership and responsibility for the business. Creation is the key, and power of creation is essential. Also, we should consider the execution and materialization of such creative ideas.