09-06-2016 . 10 Best Headphones 2016  by Ezvid VIEW REVIEW
Sentey Phaint - TOP TEN BEST HEADPHONES 2016
07-08-2016 . Revolution Pro Review  by VIEW REVIEW
The Revolution Pro SP from Sentey provided us with a great grip on our gaming experience, and we really think it is a contender in a large field of mice looking to earn your trust.
07-08-2016 . Symph GS-4531 Review  by Tweaktown VIEW REVIEW
While Sentey has sent us quite a few products for our team to review, we have only had one other Sentey mouse to look at to gauge how well they do in the peripherals department. Of course, when we looked at that mouse, the Revolution Pro, we found just about everything a mouse owner could want in a mouse design, along with extra goodies. The Revolution Pro could be found at a really good price point as well, which is why we gave them our Best Value Award at that time. Regrettably, we reviewed the Revolution Pro just about a year ago now, and we are only just getting our second mouse reviewed so we can get a better feel of what Sentey mice have to offer.

07-08-2016 . Arches GS-4730 Review  by Tweaktown VIEW REVIEW
Reasonably priced, good sound but with some small annoying niggling issues basically sums up this product. Sentey has proven to me that they can make a competitively featured and priced headset product in the market, so here's hoping their marketing takes off and more gamers begin adopting this brand.

06-18-2016 . Flow Pro Headset Video Review  by Tecnologia Pro Gaming VIEW REVIEW
TECNOLOGIA PRO-GAMING Es un canal dedicado a los Tutoriales tanto en Windows como Android, Juegos, Unboxing's y Reviews de lo más reciente en Tecnología. Y se tratará del cualquier tema referente a la tecnología y videojuegos desde mi punto de vista.
06-13-2016 . Nexus Earphones Video Review  by TechPicks VIEW REVIEW
Sentey Earbuds Earphones In Ear Headphones Headset In-Line Microphone Stereo Bass for travel running NEXUS Black/Gray LS-4245 Hard Carrying Case Audiophile Sport Gaming Pc Mac Phones
06-12-2016 . Z-ON Earbuds Video Review  by TechPicks VIEW REVIEW
Sentey Earbuds Earphones In Ear Headphones headset In-Line Microphone for Music Running Travel Sleek Twisted Cable Two pairs of tips in S/M/L sizes, Carrying Case Z-ON GUNMETAL LS-4206 Kids Men Girls
06-12-2016 . Z-ON Earbuds Video Review  by TheDcGAMeZ VIEW REVIEW
**I Know I said Zi-On. Don't know why I kept saying that!? **
06-11-2016 . Phaint HeadPhones Video Review  by OSReviews VIEW REVIEW