07-30-2014 . Whirlwind Mouse Video Review  by MaximumSystems Support VIEW REVIEW
Hace no mucho, sacábamos de su caja un teclado Sentey Phoenix, ahora para hacer el juego tenemos un mouse Sentey Whirlwind, con 3200 DPI, dos perfiles diferentes para los dos botones que trae. Con un tamaño generoso, lo cual lo hace ergonómico, pero lo mejor de todo, con muchas cosas en la caja que nos hace sentir valorados por la compañía.
07-27-2014 . Gammitus Mouse Video Review  by The Authentic Gamer VIEW REVIEW
Sentey Gammitus Video Review
07-26-2014 . Soniq Boom Video Review  by the authentic gamer VIEW REVIEW
Sentey Ssoniq Boom GS-4550 Unboxing and voice test.
07-15-2014 . Crimson Pro Keyboard Review  by Benchmark Reviews VIEW REVIEW
The Sentey Crimson Pro is a handsome piece: black and purposeful-looking, with a fingerprint-proof soft finish, Cherry MX Black keys, a built-in USB 2.0 hub and audio pass-throughs. If you like the relatively stiff springing and linear, non-clicky feel of MX Black keys, you’ll like typing on this keyboard.
07-15-2014 . Lumenata Pro Review  by TechwareLabs VIEW REVIEW
I really enjoyed my time with the Lumenata Pro, mice have come a long way and competition is fierce between mouse manufacturers. Fortunately, the Lumenata Pro stands tall among some of the best with a competitive MSRP of $79.99 ($34.99 deal currently on Amazon!). With the Lumenata Pro you will have every necessary feature available in high end mice with great looks to back it up. Sentey has delivered a high quality product that deserves recognition, the packaging was phenomenal and the mouse handles like a dream. My only quirks were the multitude of different color LEDs being displayed at once and the gaming button on the right of the mouse being uncomfortable to reach. Other than that I highly recommend this mouse and it is an absolute steal if you can get it for $34.99.
07-15-2014 . Harmoniq Pro Headset Review  by Icronic VIEW REVIEW
Lightweight styling and comfortable padding provide hours of gaming with great sound. While I would have liked to have seen a non-fixed earcup, the solid build quality and snug fit certainly make up for it. Sentey has slashed the price on the model down to $69 on Amazon. This is a great price point for a true 5.1 headset that has included extras like travel case and optional earcups in the package. Really, it’s a steal at that price, especially when compared to Logitech and Razer offerings. Certainly a recommended buy for both the LAN traveler and battlestation gamer at home.
07-15-2014 . Five Stars,  by T. Foster VIEW REVIEW
Better than I thought it would be.
I absolutely love the Soniq Boom headset, very clear sound. Even the microphone is marvelous. When I play with my buddies online they hear me perfectly. They are comfortable to wear for long periods of time. If the one I have at the moment is to stop functioning, I would buy it again!
07-14-2014 . Cobalt Pro Keyboard Review  by ProClockers VIEW REVIEW
The Sentey Cobalt Pro is cosmetically understated. Don't let those understated looks fool yo. It is a serious piece of gaming hardware. All the function keys performed great. The added media key function control is a nice feature. Creating macros and key functions was super easy and allowed for extensive key customization. The key customization far exceeds what I would ever use, but if your are a a professional gamer, I am sure you will be able to make full use of them.

The Cobalt Pro definitely feels like the high end gaming product it is. E#very ppart of the keyboard has a very solid well built feel. The Cherry MX Black switches are responsive and not to difficult to type with. I found gaming to be a joy. Each key registered when pressed and I had no issues when pressing multiple keys at once. The keyboard has a precision instrument type feel to it.

Sentey has obviously taken quite a bit of time on designing the Cobalt Pro. Every time I used it, it made me feel like a pro. With a $149.99 SRP at Sentey's site, the Sentey Cobalt Pro is certainly an expensive keyboard. However, you can find the keyboard at Amazon for $99.99 (link is external). The included USB ports, headset ports, carrying case, and additional accessories add quite a bit of value, making the steep price tag a bit easier to shallow.
07-14-2014 . Awesome buy!  by James Fitzgerald VIEW REVIEW
Worked GREAT! Super high quality and relatively quiet. For the price I was expecting something in a plain cardboard box that may or may not work but it's a quality product at a super great price.