11-15-2015 . Artix White Headset Video Review  by TechieReviewers VIEW REVIEW
Up for review is the Sentey Artix Gaming Headset in White. These are very nicely designed. It has a vibration switch which just makes you feel more immersed in your music. There is also a volume switch and a switch to turn off the blue LED if you don’t really want it on. The padding is very soft and can be worn for a very long time. It also has a mic that retracts back into the unit when not needed.

If you didn’t want to use your mic, you could just retract it back into the unit which basically turns it off.
11-15-2015 . ThorX LS 4430 Video Review  by Chad 4e VIEW REVIEW
This headset by Sentey are AWESOME! I have been searching for a headset for my desk for over a year and finally have the perfect combination of COMFORT and sound. I started by purchasing Audio Technica M50x, while the M50x sound a little better they are heavy and hot. After a few hours in them my ears would be hot! I then purchased a set of Bose noise cancelling. While I love the Bose comfort and sound I don't like that I have to keep batteries in the model I own (newer model does not need battery to work). I did not want to drop the kind of money again I had on the other two and a co-worker got a pair of these and problem solved! Comfortable enough to wear all day, closed back, and great sound. I would actually give these 6 stars for the price as long as you are in the market for a cube farm, relaxing listening headset. Again, not the studio level of my M50x but if you get these I do not think you will be disappointed. Wish I had found these before I spend the money on the M50x, I will keep the Bose for plane flights as its noise cancelling is second to none. Posting a quick video so you can see them out of box, a quick "yes" if this was helpful would be greatly appreciated. THANKS! (M50x fans don't beat me up, I freely admit they are best sounding headset I own, just maybe bought wrong type for my application)
11-06-2015 . Blade GS-6011 Pre Unboxed  by DeathStompZ1 VIEW REVIEW
Blade GS-6011 review and (Pre-Unboxed)
10-31-2015 . ThorX LS 4430 Video Review  by Galaxy Tech Review VIEW REVIEW
Review of the Sentey ThorX Ls-4430 Headphones.
10-28-2015 . Artix Black Headset Video Review  by Galaxy Tech Review VIEW REVIEW
10-18-2015 . Triac GS-6009 PC Build  by Al jjocol VIEW REVIEW
Cable management is okay but this case lacks of the CPU 12v cable hole at the top, which is a downside.
The 2 led fans included are sleeve bearing and both have a maximum speed of ~1000rpm. Average speed is 500-600rpm if connected to the fan controller that comes with the case. I connected them directly to the chassis fan connectors of the mobo and using Asus AI Suite 3 fan tunning to run them at 745rpm average.
09-17-2015 . Stealth GS-6008 Pc Build  by TOMAhawk SEAN VIEW REVIEW
This is my new Gaming PC, my first computer build ever,
09-07-2015 . B-Trek H10 LS-4570 Video Review  by TorridlyBoredShopper VIEW REVIEW
These Sentey B-Trek H10 headphones have a lot of good things going for them including aesthetics, quality of design, battery life, and their ability to not only work wirelessly but also with a wire. I particularly like the wired feature because it adds not only to the performance life but also to the quality of sound and to the overall user base, which is a great thing that not enough headphones come with.
08-30-2015 . B-Trek H10 LS-4570 Video Review  by Googlre10 VIEW REVIEW
08-21-2015 . Ls-2122 Powerbank 7800mAh Video Review  by Krista Cathleen VIEW REVIEW
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