02-10-2015 . Top #1 Amazon´s Reviewer Ali Julia about our Power Bank Brio Lux 20800mAh  by Ali Julia Top #1 Amazon´s Reviewer VIEW REVIEW

This external battery is very compact for its large capacity of 20800 mAh. It has two ports and came with a short charging cable (charging cables are more efficient charging the phones then the data cables, that charge at USB rate).
I really like its charge level indicator, it is shown in LED window as a percentage rather than just lights.

01-11-2015 . B-Trek H9 Bluetooth Review  by TheDcGAMeZ VIEW REVIEW
The BASS is REAL! Thanks for watching and I hope you enjoyed! Please LIKE & SUBSCRIBE!
12-07-2014 . Triac GS-6009 Video Review  by TheDcGAMeZ VIEW REVIEW
This case is great for people who are just starting to build. I love the look a lot and can't wait to build my PC at the end of the month! Thanks for watching and I hope you enjoyed!
11-15-2014 . XPP 625W Power Supply Unboxing  by Tech Addiction w/ Scrappy VIEW REVIEW
Today, I unbox a power supply and put it in a computer!

The Sentey XPLUS Power Supply featured in this video
11-02-2014 . GS-6007 Cyberia Case Video Review  by SpongeBr VIEW REVIEW
10-29-2014 . Gs-6090 Shield Case Unboxing  by Gx Chronicle VIEW REVIEW
im sorry im a little new to youtube or recording but im going to be building a computer and ill do more unboxing recordings and then after i have all my computer parts ill do a how to build a pc so hope you like it haha its the only sentey shield computer case so i hop you enjoy
09-18-2014 . Harmoniq Pro Review  by Tweak Town VIEW REVIEW
Sentey has a well-crafted, great-looking PC gaming headset with its Harmoniq Pro, oh and it also sounds great, too. Come and read Anthony's full review.
09-05-2014 . Harmoniq Pro Review  by Pro Clockers VIEW REVIEW
Sentey has truly provided a top-notch product that should suit gamers far and wide. From the time you open the box, you can tell someone was sweating the details. The result is a very nice presentation, quality fit and finish, and stellar sound. Combine all that with outstanding comfort and it's easy to recommend this headset. Sentey sets a MSRP of $119.99, but as this review is being written, Amazon has them on sale for $69.99. Get them while it lasts.

Polished presentation
Quality fit and finish
Great sound
Inline control
Braided fabric cord
Flexible mic boom

Volume rocker switch
08-12-2014 . Cobalt Pro Keyboard Review  by Dragon Blogger VIEW REVIEW
This keyboard has so many things going for it, soft black matte coating, wrist rest, individual key lighting, USB/Audio hub, programmable macro’s, Cherry MX Black switches, blank swappable keys, carrying case and amazing packaging,
08-05-2014 . Cyph3r Keyboard Review  by Dragon Blogger VIEW REVIEW
I think the keyboard is very nice and at an amazing price.