Warranty terms

Sentey assures that the products ready for commercialization are manufacture fault free. Every product parts is guaranteed under terms and conditions established by the Manufactor, which are effect from the purchase day until the day shown in the receipt .

If there is a complaint about any of our products, the part should be sent back in the original package with all the accessories, user´s guide, and wires, with no exception.

The manufactory’s guarantee will only provide technical support if 1) the product presenteds an anomaly before the assembly, 2) confirmed manufacture faults, or 3) damage due to transportation and delivery.

In such cases, Sentey will proceed in any of these ways, according to your choice:

1) Repair the product with no additional cost within the guarantee period using new parts or refurbish parts.

2) Replace the product for a new or refurbish one or for an equivalent instead.

3) Will offer a refund equivalent to the original purchase value.

The product presenting faults will be sent to technical service with a detailed report. Ignoring this step could result in losing claiming rights by the costumer.

The manufactor will not cover delivery expenses.

The product must respect cleaning and security conditions. The following guidelines do not include damages caused by improper use, accidents, modifications or anything that is not related to the manufactor’s fault.
The warranty policy will not cover cases of superficial scratches, or bruises due to opening the package for assembly.

The parts are assumed to be in perfect conditions before the assembly. Once the package is opened and the case is assembled, the warranty expires without exception.

In order to use the warranty, the product should be taken to the place where it was originally purchased and at that moment, the date and period of warranty will be checked. Following, repair will be done, or in the case of replacement, arrangements will be made for the new product’s delivery.

For questions or more information, please contact
Sentey RMA department : [email protected]