Privacy Policy

The privacy policy guidelines that rule the site are detailed below

It is not necessary to register personal data in order to surf SENTEY S.A. website. The user who decides to do so declares to know the following:

i) The receiver of those personal data is SENTEY S.A. which will be able to use it to develop its business activity. Likewise, SENTEY S.A. may use the personal data provided by the users to develop general statistics without identifying, consulting or communicating the users.

ii) The personal data will be incorporated to SENTEY S.A. database located in 20, Alberdi Av., Buenos Aires City, Argentina.

iii) The contribution of personal data is optional for the user.

iv) The user guarantees the truthfulness and accuracy of the personal data they register in this website assuming the corresponding responsibility in case they were inaccurate. SENTEY S.A. does not assume any responsibility in case the personal data registered by the user of this website were inaccurate.

v) When visiting SENTEY S.A. website, the user gives their consent to the installation of computer devices (cookies) to help them surf the website more easily in future visits. This will also allow the creation of statistics analysis.

vi) SENTEY S.A. collects the site user’s personal data in order to provide them with information which is not always their own. Therefore, SENTEY S.A. is not responsible for third party information.

vii) The registration of user’s personal data will depend exclusively on the owner’s use of the information published on the website. It is not necessary to enter personal data to access only the general information published on the website. If, contrarily, the user wishes to access technical and / or commercial information, the acceptance of the current privacy policy will be an essential requirement to enter personal data as well as to express their consent regarding them.

viii) SENTEY S.A. will only register personal data once the user had freely and overtly given their consent.

ix) The user who enters personal data will be able to access their personal information as well as rectifications, updating, suppressions at any time.

x) SENTEY S.A. has adopted the necessary security measures to protect the information entered in its website to avoid adulterations or unauthorized treatment.

xi) The information on the website, understanding by this, texts (reports, articles, data, commentaries, interviews, lectures), graphs, logos, icons, images and files of any kind, are published being convinced that the data is truthful and that it can only be used as a source of information. Any other activity including reproduction, modification, public communication and / or complete or partial distribution is absolutely prohibited. The publication of third party information is of exclusive responsibility of its authors.

xii) No matter the purpose, the user’s use of the information published on the website will be of their exclusively responsibility or risk. SENTEY S.A. is not responsible for damages caused by the use of the published information.

xiii) The users commit themselves to use the website and / or its service in accordance with the law, the terms and conditions, the privacy policy and moral values, habits socially accepted and the public order. Likewise, the users commit themselves not to use the website illegally or against the terms established hereby which can damage, render, overload, or deteriorate the website in any way.