06-25-2014 . Awesome!, June 25, 2014   by By Rix Xoas VIEW REVIEW
These are some of the best gaming headsets I've used for the price. The sound quality is excellent, but noise does leak quite a bit. The cord is extremely long, and the volume controls are simple and at hand. The microphone doesn't slide up as I hoped, but that's alright. The sides and mic tip light up, which i found cool when you're gaming in the dark. Yeah, i really like them. Just don't overuse them. You can "corrupt" the wires and sound comes out all disordered. After leaving them be for a day if this happens, they should be okay the next day.
I was skeptical about this purchase as I had never really heard of Sentey. I previously owned products by Logitech, Razer, and Steel Series. Regardless, the price was great so I jumped in. I'm glad I did. This thing is fantastic. First of all, the packaging is worth over $10 itself. This mousepad has a hard plastic surface so it won't come rolled up like some other "big name" mousepads. This pad was riding in style. There was protective foam on both the top and bottom inside the box.

My Logitech G500S mouse works perfectly on this. The hard plastic has a rubber gripping underside to ensure it stays put. Plus, it looks nice.

10/10 - If this is how Sentey operates, I'll be buying all my future peripherals from them
06-23-2014 . Good power supply,   by KTB VIEW REVIEW
Did a bunch of research before settling on this one. A few bucks more than the super cheap ones. Seems to be good quality. Packed very well, and looks pretty cool to boot (not that you will see it once you install it). Plenty of connectors also. Would buy again.
06-22-2014 . 5.0 out of 5 stars AWESOME MOUSE*****, June 22, 2014   by By Robbie Anderson (VAN NUYS, CA, US) VIEW REVIEW
06-22-2014 . Nice and quiet  by Kevin in Long Island VIEW REVIEW
This is a very quiet power supply, and it has plenty of connectors. I would definitely recommend it. That's about it.
06-22-2014 . Very good  by Jesus Jesus Marquez Astudillo VIEW REVIEW
I am very satisfied with the product, I recommend. Is a power of high performance. For those who have a chance, buy
06-19-2014 . Soniq Boom Video Review  by SuperToastedPeanut VIEW REVIEW
Video was captured with my Nexus 4, while the narrative audio was re-recorded with my Soniq Boom headset (so you guys can hear the sound quality). Please leave a like if you found this informative!
I just ordered these because I need a new headset to use for gaming and for use with my online schooling. This headset does not list that I work with my Mac however I have both PC and Mac. My PC is for gaming and My Macbook Pro is for my schooling. Surprise this headset work perfectly with Mac. No Driver needed just plug in go to setting then go to sounds and select USB PNP Sound Device now every time you plug in headset sound will go headset when unplugged sound goes to speakers. This 7.1 Headset is simple Amazing and the Price is unbeatable.. Also not to mention the headset is very light but not made cheaper plastic seems to have a rubber coating on the outside.
06-12-2014 . Worked Perfectly  by Alex S VIEW REVIEW
I was worried when my last ps blew it would have fried my mobo, but as soon as i plugged this ps in my computer sillently turn on and even quicker than before. Even though this isnt bronze certified, this ps works like a champ. every game ive played including wolfenstein new order, watchdogs, and battlefield 4, are no sweat. my old power supply would get super loud whenever i would do anything intensive. i have a pretty high demanding rig in terms of power and ive never had a hiccup at all with this power supply. overall im really happy with this buy, Sentey is quality for a low price.
06-10-2014 . Harmoniq Pro Review  by Pure OC VIEW REVIEW
In the context of the SenTey GS 4840 HARMONIQ Pro Gaming headset, the design and aesthetics throughout are focused toward the gaming audience and are very well done. The carrying case and extra ear pads that come with it were a nice surprise. The SenTey GS 4840 HARMONIQ Pro is lightweight with great playback performance in all modes. The build quality in my opinion is also excellent and was very comfortable through many hours of use. I think most users will find both the leather and cloth ear cups padding very comfortable to wear. I love the clear sounds it produces at all levels. If you love really good clear highs, solid mid-range and deep bass, then this is the headset for you. The actual 5.1 surround just takes it to another level.