07-13-2014 . Cyph3r Keyboard Video Review  by TheDcGAMeZ VIEW REVIEW
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07-12-2014 . Great product!,   by Brian VIEW REVIEW
I bought the Large Size mouse pad and let me tell you, I wasn't expecting it to be that..well... large! I clearly didn't pay too much attention to the dimensions since I was just looking for an upgrade to my small mouse pad. The large size might be to big for your desk though so make sure to take into account its dimensions if you plan on buying it.

I personally had no issues with the size and it had a noticeably better feel to it compared to my older mouse pad. You might not have heard of Sentey but they are definitely here to make quality products! Keep an eye out for these guys as they may well be on their way to being big competitors for gaming peripheral companies like Razer and Corsair.
07-11-2014 . Five Stars, July 11, 2014   by By Thiago Cândido VIEW REVIEW
Excellent headset with amazing quality and a great price!
Purchased the Whirlwind this week and I'm very impressed! The overall feel of the device is great. The packaging is fantastic. I can't believe how much you receive for 20 dollars. I love being able to switch dpi on the fly and it has made my gaming experience much better. Get more kills in Battlefield 4! I Also love that each dpi setting is a different color on the scroll wheel so you know what setting you are on. You can't go wrong with this mouse!
07-11-2014 . Great Little Case!,  by Daniel Martinez VIEW REVIEW
Perfect little case on the go! Fits my gaming mouse nice and snug and wires fit in the little hole too. The holding pouch above it is Velcro so that is pretty cool. I got it in one day even after choosing standard shipping so i was happy about that too
This product comes very well packaged, and perform very well. The cord is extra long for and comes with mic and headphones jack. The headphones are not adjustable (movable) but they form very well to the ears/head. For $20 you can't beat these.
07-09-2014 . Great Mouse Pad  by B Allen VIEW REVIEW
I love this mouse pad! Perfect size and my mouse runs very smoothly. Wish I had ordered this a long time ago. Great price!
Installed this for my home server - installation was easy and the unit is super quiet, even with the big 120mm fan spinning. Plenty of power and a great deal for this size power supply. So far, so good.
07-07-2014 . Love it!,  by Tammy VIEW REVIEW
This headset is amazing. The sound is really nice and the mic works flawlessly. The headset has a super long cord which is very handy. The headset looks really cool because when plugged in, glows red (always getting compliments on it). I loved how comfortable and sturdy it is. If you ever need a headset, go for this one.
As others who have reviewed this item have commented, the packaging is... fantastic. If Sentey has put time, effort, and expense into the headset itself comparable to what they did in the presentation, this will be a fantastic product. The outside box has beautiful graphics, and contains in turn a stunning heavy-duty black box complete with magnetic catch that is too nice to throw away, and inside that is a zippered hard-shell carrying case for the headphones. Sentey spent some serious time and money on all this, and frankly I was blown away. But, enough about the packaging.

The driver software installed flawlessly in my Windows 8.1 computer, and gives far more setup control than I will ever need in terms of surround sound, room ambiance, mixing, effects, and equalizing. I left everything at the default settings, and noticed an improvement in sound quality over my previous headset, particularly in the lower registers. Sentey makes no claims that this is a serious audiophile headset, nor is it priced like one. It is a GAMING headset, and even though I am not a gamer (I still play DOOM and Quake III, for gosh sake) it is more than adequate for my needs: occasional music (classical), a YouTube video now and then, and working with Rosetta Stone. As a gaming headset, it is exceptionally sturdy. It would take real abuse to damage it.

I have a minor quibble over comfort. While the ear cups are soft and adjustable, the tension keeping them pressed against the side of my head is quite high, and for glasses wearers in particular the headset will become uncomfortable in a relatively short period of time. However, there is a workaround for this: instead of keeping the earpieces of my glasses right on top of my ears in the normal position, I tilt the earpieces up so they are above the tops of the headset ear cups. This might not be optimal for glasses with a strong correction, as the subsequent tilting of the lenses causes a slight change in their prescription. Not a problem for me, but YMMV.

I don't know whether the microphone gain can be adjusted, I haven't found anything in the driver software yet to do that. My Rosetta Stone software would like it to be a bit higher, I think.

Overall, especially at the price, I think this is an outstanding headset.