05-04-2015 . Curve HeadPhone Video Review  by cabanhotcherry VIEW REVIEW
05-02-2015 . Curve HeadPhone Video Review  by Joe Wood VIEW REVIEW
They are extraordinarily comfortable, weigh almost nothing, have a fabric-coated cord, and sound decent. The audio quality is the weak link, but even so, it's more than you'd expect at this price range (i.e., it's average quality, not terrible but not audiophile).
05-01-2015 . LS-2100 Powerbank 2800 mah Review  by Adam Wood VIEW REVIEW
Power banks come in all sorts of shapes, sizes, and prices these days. When I'm shopping for one, I look for nice bang-for-the-buck on capacity, how quickly it will charge (both itself and other items), build quality, easy of carrying it around, and (sometimes) aesthetics. This Brio ranks really well in some areas and ranks average in others. All in all, I think it's a great product for the price if the specs meet your needs, but just realize you can get a decent bump in capacity and performance for just a little more money.
04-27-2015 . LS-6620 Audio Cable Video Review  by Amanda Berry VIEW REVIEW
This is one durable Braided cable. The cord is protected with durable nylon braided around it which is perfect to help prevent shorts or ripping of the cord. I am hard on cords, so this is usually something I like to look for. The ends of this are nicely protected with hard plastice for protection. The gold plated plug in parts are very strong. I tried to bend them and was unsuccessful with it. These offer a good sound when used with dofferent devices for sound. Sound was crisp and clear without any crackling or issues. I would feel comfortable recommending this if you are considering a purchase for this item.
04-22-2015 . LS-6620 Audio Cable Video Review  by Frank Schwarz VIEW REVIEW
SENTEY Premium Audio Cable Male to Male Aux Cable Model LS 6620
04-04-2015 . GS-6000 Optimus Plus - Video Review  by AbledUnderground VIEW REVIEW
Sentey Optimus Plus Transparent Windows
03-30-2015 . SS1-2429 Case Review  by Proclockers VIEW REVIEW
The Sentey SS1-2429 Plus has a USB 3.0 and USB 2.0 port on its front panel, along with reset and power buttons with an LED indicator on the front of the case, as well as HD audio and microphone inputs. It features a Sandy black paint.
03-27-2015 . Lumenata Pro Review  by Tweaktown VIEW REVIEW
The Lumenata Pro is medium sized and fits comfortably in the palm of your hand without impeding functionality. All of the switches and LED indicators are functional, and while there is little love offered from the F.S. button, we were able to sort out how it all comes together with a little bit of trial and error. All of the buttons are well placed on the Lumenata, but we used the right side buttons very little because we were always feeling for them and it just didn't feel natural. However, the buttons are accessible, and with time and repeated use, your hand will learn where they are.

03-12-2015 . Eagle Puls Case Review  by VIEW REVIEW
While “Extreme Gaming” is mentioned a few times in the marketing materials from Sentey, the Eagle Plus has a few hurdles to overcome before it truly earns that distinction. An MSRP of $70 places this case within the budget build category, so we have to make sure we take that into consideration. The overall build quality of the Eagle Plus is pretty good.
02-10-2015 . GS-6000 Optimus Plus Case Review  by VIEW REVIEW
This case, the Sentey Optimus Plus, features a large side panel window instead of fan mounts. Additional features include a fan controller, filtered intakes, a dedicated cooling fan for hard drives, and a SD card reader. These features come at an additional premium though when compared to other cases in the same price range. In this Benchmark Reviews article, I will discuss the Optimus Plus in depth and whether or not this is a good mid budget case for your next build.