12-27-2015 . GS-6005 Kron - PC Build Video Review  by CaptainBugs VIEW REVIEW
I forgot to record me putting in the graphics card but i hope you enjoyed the video
12-20-2015 . Flow Pro Headset Review  by Googlre10 VIEW REVIEW
12-20-2015 . Kron GS-6005 Pc Build  by Krump VIEW REVIEW
I finally built a cheap budget friendly gaming PC for 2016 that is amazing! For just over $600 I was able to build a gaming/editing PC that can run modern games at 1080p 60FPS and is way stronger than any gaming console on the market (PS4 Xbox ONE Wii U). I am more than happy to help anyone out, just ask away in the comments and I will do all I can to help get your rig up and running!
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12-14-2015 . LS-2186 Powerbank 20800mAh Video Review  by Galaxy Tech Review VIEW REVIEW
Review of the Sentey Brio Lux Ls-2186 LCD 20800mAh Power Bank.
12-13-2015 . Ls-2186 Powerbank 20800mAh Video Review  by TorridlyBoredShopper VIEW REVIEW
Before noting anything, I would encourage anyone wondering more about this or any other powerbank design to pick up a USB digital multimeter that tests V/A/mAh, and to pick up some smaller USB items like little LED lights. This will give you output readings and allow you to safely test something for hours at a time to see about output and heat dispersion without hurting your expensive electronics. I have had god luck with the brands PowerJive and DROK, to give you an idea of what you are looking for.
I would highly recommend this product
12-07-2015 . GS-6005 Kron - Video Review  by Dety VIEW REVIEW
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Sentey LS-4430 ThorX Audiophile Headphones REVIEW