06-11-2016 . Tyon Headphones Video Review  by Your Daily Driver VIEW REVIEW
Gym Headphones
06-09-2016 . Nexus Earphones Video Review  by Ozark Reviews VIEW REVIEW
Update to my last review after wearing the product for a couple of days.
05-31-2016 . ThorX LS 4430 Video Review  by TheDcGAMeZ VIEW REVIEW
Thanks Sentey for providing me this product to give an honest/fair review.
05-29-2016 . GS-6008 Stealth Video Review  by OVF2 VIEW REVIEW
Review Gabinete Gamer marca Sentey Stealth GS 6008.

*El Sentey Stealth tiene 1 USB 3.0 & 1 USB 2.0, HD Audio y Boton de Power & reset en el panel frontal
*El Sentey Stealth viene con un cooler trasero incluidos de 80mm negro para sacar el aire caliente generado en el interior del chasis y un cooler de 120mm con LED. En total, la estructura permite instalar un total de cuatro coolers. Uno frontal, dos laterales y uno trasero.
Fabricante: Sentey
Formato: ATX
Fuente de poder: No posee
Tamaño: 415 x 410 x 180 mm.
05-27-2016 . GS-6011 Blade - Pc Build Video Review  by DeathStompZ1 VIEW REVIEW
05-23-2016 . Bullex Gold Video Review  by Duo Reviews VIEW REVIEW
This a review on the all new Bullex ear buds from sentey.
These ear buds are all gold and they sound great.
A 8.5 out of 10 is my verdict on this review
05-20-2016 . Ls-2180 Powerbank 20800mAh Video Review  by Product Prodigy VIEW REVIEW
Hello guys, sorry it has been a while, I have been studying finals all week and just finished my last final exam Thursday! I am officially done with high school and graduate in 8 days!!! Alright so today I am doing a unboxing and review on a BEAST of a Power bank that has 20800 maH and it is called the Sentey Power Bank.
04-30-2016 . Oryon Earbud Video Review  by Reveal The Random VIEW REVIEW
Will these meet my expectations??
Earphones that has three changeable sounds!
04-29-2016 . Bullex Gold Video Review  by Reveal The Random VIEW REVIEW
Pretty unique set of earphones!
Subscribe if you see hope in my channel lol.
04-06-2016 . GS-6000 Optimus II - Video Review  by Mais Controle VIEW REVIEW