Sentey attends the 2013 MA*LABS, Miami Technology Mini Fair!
At Miami Technology Mini-Fair, Sentey had the opportunity to demonstrate its latest product series, featuring Gaming Keyboards, Mice, Headsets and Mouse pads.

Miami, Florida, - October 10, 2013. Sentey was an exhibiter as part of the new trends in the Technology Industry category. The experience brought along various distributors and manufacturers in the south eastern United States. The event was set up as a meet and greet format, where attendees were able to get “hands on” and experience the new products in a controlled environment. From hearing for the first time the booming sounds of Harmoniq Pro. To the swift typing of Crimson Pro, or the fluid movement of Lumenata Pro mouse gliding across the Kairos Pro Mousepad. Guests were able to witness first hand why Sentey is excited and proud to bring its new product line to the market.

The event was so successful for Sentey, that several high level executives and other distribution personal came over to experience firsthand what everyone was talking about. The event gave rise to new opportunities as Sentey was able to secure one more partner for its upcoming launch of its newest product line. The show was entertaining and a great opportunity for the Sentey US Office to participate in a local industry trade show. It was a great venue for exchanging ideas about the latest technological trends as well. And a great test bed for Sentey’s newest products.

Brands present at the Miami Technology Mini-Fair: Samsung, Sentey, Microsoft, NVIDIA, AMD, Imicro, NEC, MSI, SanDisk, Toshiba, InWin, EVGA, LSI, XFS, Solid Gear, Synology. Thermaltake, amongst others.