WCG Argentina 2012
Sentey participated in World Cyber Games (WCG) 2012 in Argentina, it was held on October 6 at the Palace Alina, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Buenos Aires, Argentina, - October 06, 2012. The world Cyber Games (WCG) is the premier E-Sports event. (Also commonly referred to as the “Cyber Games Festival”) held by the Korean company World Cyber Games Inc., this event has hence been sponsored by Samsung and Microsoft as well since 2006. The official motto of WCG is “Beyond the Game”, which is also the title of a documentary that features the story between the rivalries of notable WCG participants. The World Cyber Games officially began to humble beginnings in 2000. Whereas it has since grown to a worldwide spectacle with hundreds of players and millions of dollars in prizes on the line. The event is highly influenced by the Olympic Games, with players coming to compete from all over the world.

The WCG is the largest gaming event of its kind. More than a million people participate in the event in some form each year. This enables the community of players to bond and enjoy sharing their passion for gaming in a healthy environment. Each participating country conducts preliminary rounds before sending their best players to the main events.

Sentey was proud to present as an official sponsor of the event in Argentina. And took the opportunity to present its brand new line of video cards; the 600 Series, led by the flagship; GeForce GTX 680.